Fox’s Chris Wallace: Republicans Are Arguing ‘Process’ on Impeachment Because They’re ‘Having Trouble With the Facts’


Fox News anchor Chris Wallace addressed Republican complaints about the impeachment inquiry in an appearance on America’s Newsroom Friday, dismissing concerns from White House adviser Kellyanne Conway about the process.

Republicans — most notably, the House lawmakers who stormed a closed-door hearing this week — have protested an alleged lack of transparency in the probe, though Democrats have insisted that private hearings are necessary to stop witnesses from communicating about their testimonies.

“Where’s the due process?” asked Conway on Fox & Friends this morning, in a clip Sandra Smith played for Wallace during his appearance.

“My feeling is that if you are having trouble with the facts, you argue process,” Wallace said. “That’s what Republicans are doing right now.”

“The Democrats have gotten some very damaging information from people like William Taylor, the acting U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine; Fiona Hill, who used to be one of the top advisors of the National Security Council on Ukraine; Evidence that seems to tie more of a quid pro quo.”

“That there is some evidence from these people working in the Trump Administration that the president linked aid to Ukraine, a White House meeting with Ukrainian president, to getting research on the Democrats,” he added.

Wallace allowed that an argument about the process can be made, but noted that Republicans held private hearings and depositions during the Benghazi investigation.

“In the Benghazi investigation there were private hearings and then there were public hearings. That’s what’s going to happen here.”

“I just think that in the end after we have these little must-see TV hearings with these key witnesses in public in November, I’m not sure people are going to care a lot about what the process was in October,” the Fox News Sunday anchor said.

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