Fox’s Chris Wallace Takes On Robert Gibbs Over Obama’s Medicare Plans

During an interview with Obama campaign strategist Robert Gibbs on Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace got a bit testy, confronting Gibbs for laughing at a question, and at one point ending a bout of crosstalk by saying “I get to ask the questions here.”

Wallace grilled Gibbs over actuary claims that, under the president’s plans, Medicare would not be able to sustain itself. Through a little crosstalk, Gibbs responded that the president’s plans change that and add preventive health care coverage to the system.

Wallace pushed back that if the providers don’t follow the orders, “under your plan this unelected board of 15 bureaucrats come in and they decide,” he paused and stared at a laughing Gibbs: “You are laughing at it but that is it.”

“I’m laughing at your characterization of it,” Gibbs said.

“Are they not unelected?” Wallace shot back.

“They’re medical professionals,” Gibbs replied. “They’re people we trust to make medical decisions.”

“If all of this was so amazingly egregious,” he continued, “why in not one but two Paul Ryan budgets, does he seek to cut back?”

“He has to accept current law and what is in the baseline,” Wallace responded, setting off another crosstalk debate that ended in Wallace interjecting that “I get to ask the questions here.”

Watch below, via Fox News:

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