Fox’s Dobbs: Romney, Paul Ryan Are Despicable ‘Twosome from Hell’ Betraying the GOP

Fox Business Network anchor Lou Dobbs really lost his cool with Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan tonight, calling them a “twosome from hell” who are selling out their party.

He said on his FBN show tonight that Romney’s anti-Donald Trump speech and Ryan’s public comments are further proof of how they’re trying to “defend a stagnant failed status quo.”

“This time,” Dobbs declared, “they’re up against a winner and Trump is the people’s choice to this point, and the twosome from hell is about to lose another one if they have their way.”

Dobbs even seriously actually said, “Trump’a already begun making America great again.”

At another point in his show, Dobbs went on yet another rant, crying, “They’re despicable, they are absolutely dishonorable, and absolutely betraying their party and the votes of every American who have voted for Trump.”

He also called them disgusting. It probably wouldn’t surprise you to know Dobbs really likes Trump.

Watch above, via FBN.

[image via screengrab]

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