Fox’s Ed Henry Blasts CNN and Chris Cuomo Over Kanye and Mobs: ‘Honestly Shocked’ by ‘Imaginary Headlines’


On Fox and Friends Sunday, co-host and Fox News Chief National Correspondent Ed Henry trashed the media over their coverage of the meeting between Kanye West and President Donald Trump, singling out CNN’s Chris Cuomo on particular for his “imaginary headlines”.

Henry was speaking with guest Kelsey Harkness of the Daily Signal on the topic of media bias and played first the clip from CNN. He began by saying that he is friends with Cuomo, but that he was “honestly shocked” at the segment, which he called “bizarre.”

Harkness replied that the media has been mocking Kanye and Trump all week. She said it is “really disappointing as a journalist to see someone speculating about what the President is thinking, speculating about — accusing the president.”

“Imaginary headlines, imaginary thoughts,” said Henry.

“Accusing him of racism based on his own thoughts,” said Harkness, “I think it was extremely inappropriate.”

They turned then to the Washington Post running commentary from Stephen Miller‘s third grade teacher telling a story of him eating glue, a story covered by The Hollywood Reporter and in Politico, said Harkness.

“It’s disgusting,” said Henry of the stories.

“I think we’re at a time where teachers are telling parent to trust schools, trust our education system. How do we trust them when what your child does in third grade can be used against you in twenty-five years.”

“What’s the next scoop, Mike Pompeo ate Play-doh or something,” said Henry.

They then turned to the question of using the word “mob” to describe the enraged protests, focusing again on CNN with clips of Don Lemon and Brooke Baldwin.

“I love folks like Don Lemon, who are supposed to be journalists, saying ‘no, the left is not a mob’ — like, declaring that they’re fine. What they’re doing is fine,” Henry said.

“It seems like a lot of journalists need to actually go back and look at the definition of a mob,” replied Harkness. “It’s a group of people who intend on committing some kind of lawlessness, and that’s exactly what these people are doing.”

She cited people being chased out of restaurants and harassed at airports, and added that the worst part is Democrat leadership is endorsing the behavior, “that’s the real problem.”

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