Fox’s Ed Henry: Congress Happy to Be Home Campaigning During Air Strikes

Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry told Fox & Friends Tuesday morning that the Obama administration may very well have timed last night’s Syrian air strikes for when Congress was out of town, but that this move was likely, if quietly, welcomed by lawmakers who would rather be at home campaigning than in Washington casting actual votes on military action.

“I think the potentially imminent threat from these terrorists, yes, that was an important part of timing,” Henry said. “But also yes, Congress is now gone. If the bombing had started last week, there’d be more pressure on these lawmakers to not head home.”

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The F&F troika was about to dig in on Obama’s nefariousness when Henry stopped them.

“They’re more than happy, by the way,” Henry said. “The president gets a lot of heat for this, but there is a lot of lawmakers who say, ‘We should have a vote! We should have a debate!’ and then ‘oh, I got a plane ticket, I’m going home.’ They want to go home and campaign. They don’t want to deal with this.”

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

[Image via screengrab]

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