Fox’s Ed Henry Explains His White House Press Briefing Walkout

On the Kilmeade & Friends radio show Monday morning, Fox’s White House reporter Ed Henry explained his controversial “walk out” of Friday’s White House press briefing. According to Henry, he did not leave out of anger, but because he had been overlooked twice and needed to run and make a live appearance for the network.

“What happened Friday? It looked like you got fed up and said, ‘To heck with this,’ he’s not calling on you,” host Brian Kilmeade asked.

“Nah, that’s not it,” Henry replied. “What really happened was that the briefing went on for about 40 minutes and I didn’t get a question. For whatever reason. I guess Jay Carney will have to answer that. I don’t know why, I guess, maybe he was upset. I wasn’t.”

Henry explained that the briefing was lengthy, started about three hours late, and that he had been overlooked a few times, and so he made the decision to exit the briefing in its last few minutes in order to make a live TV hit with Fox’s The Five.

“I was going to be late,” Henry continued. “I would have stayed longer if Jay had called on me. But he didn’t. I had work to do.”

The White House reporter also pointed to the fact that NBC reporter Chuck Todd got his question answered and then walked out afterwards. “I don’t hear anyone saying, ‘Oh my God, he staged a protest.’ No, he had to go file a piece for NBC’s Nightly News, just as I had to go do a live hit with you on The Five, and I had to file my piece for Bret Baier and Special Report.”

Ultimately, he said, at the next White House briefing, he would anticipate that Carney will call on him for a question or two.

Listen below, via Fox News Radio:

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