Fox’s Ed Henry Mocks Dems for ‘Moving the Goalposts’ on Mueller: Now Barr is ‘Part of the Coverup?!’

Fox News reporter and part-time Fox & Friends host Ed Henry accused Democrats of “moving the goalposts” on Thursday with their outrage over the questionable circumstances being set up for the release of Robert Mueller‘s report.

Democrats have been up in arms ever since the Department of Justice announced that Attorney General William Barr is going to have a press conference before releasing the Mueller report, which will presumably shape the narrative from the special counsel’s findings. Donald Trump‘s critics are accusing Barr of an attempt to protect the president since the presser comes amid reports that DOJ officials spoke to White House lawyers about Mueller’s findings in advance.

As Fox & Friends covered this, Henry’s accusation of “moving the goalposts” came as he noted the shifting narratives Democrats have held throughout the investigations on 2016 Russian collusion and obstruction of justice. Ainsley Earhardt followed up by remarking on how Mueller is being called upon to testify before Congress, and Brian Kilmeade scoffed at the idea that this was the result of Trump’s supposedly-secret effort to interfere with Mueller’s probe.

Earhardt compared shifting public opinions about Barr to those for James Comey, which prompted Henry to snark “now all of a sudden, [Barr’s] a Trump guy, he’s an insider, he’s part of the coverup.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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