Fox’s Faulkner Gasps After Joe Concha Says CNN Will Give Chris Cuomo a ‘Happy Ending’ Like Jeffrey Toobin


Fox News co-host Harris Faulkner gasped on Wednesday during Outnumbered on Fox News in response to The Hill media critic Joe Concha saying that CNN will give anchor Chris Cuomo a “happy ending,” just like the network did with legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin.

Concha is making a clear comparison between the CNN prime time anchor, who is feeling the heat for advising his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo,  and the legal analyst Toobin, who took a leave of absence in 2020 and returned to the network in June following an incident on Zoom in which he was masturbating. “Happy Ending” is a term for manual release in some massage parlors.

“This isn’t the first time Chris Cuomo has lied to his viewers. He lied about being in quarantine while having Covid last year,” said Concha, also a Fox News contributor. “He then goes out, gets into a verbal confrontation, nowhere near the home he was living in while shedding the virus. A police report was filed against him.”

“And then Cuomo, on his show last summer, screamed about stupid people, his quote, not wearing masks outside,” he continued. “Only to have a complaint filed against him in his own New York City apartment complex about not wearing a mask in an elevator, which at last check, is probably not a good thing.”

Nonetheless, said Concha, Cuomo will “likely survive” because “if CNN can give Jeffrey Toobin a happy ending, anyone with a big check can get by there.”

“Sorry, wrong choice of words there, Harris,” said Concha in response to Harris saying “woah!”

The New York Times reported on Tuesday that Chris Cuomo was still advising his brother even after the CNN anchor apologized on air after The Washington Post reported in May that Chris Cuomo was participating in strategy sessions with his brother on how to handle the allegations of sexual harassment against the governor.

Andrew Cuomo announced on Tuesday – a week after a report was released that alleged he sexually harassed 11 women – that he would resign after more than 10 years as governor. The resignation takes effect on Aug. 24.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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