Fox’s Faulkner: If Clintons Want to Bring Up Reporters’ Pasts, What About Stephanopoulos?

Outnumbered co-host Harris Faulkner warned the Clintons and their surrogates Tuesday afternoon of making too much hay out of reporters’ pasts when attacking anti-Clinton messaging, as a major figure from President Bill Clinton’s administration was occupying a major position at a news network.

Clinton surrogates like David Brock and John Podesta have spent the last two days questioning the credentials of Peter Schweizer, whose new book Clinton Cash reportedly alleges quid quo pro deals between the Clinton Global Initiative’s foreign donors and Hillary Clinton’s State Department. Clinton’s spokespeople have pointed out Schweizer’s past as a GOP flak and conservative writer, and questioned the sources of his funding.

“You talk about tearing Schweizer down because he was formerly with Republicans,” Faulkner said. “What about George Stephanopoulos? They’re not going to cut his journalistic movements and his credibility, are they? He came from the Clinton era.”

Stephanopoulos, currently the host of This Week and ABC News’ chief anchor, was Clinton’s communications director.

“So if this is a piece of journalism, we have to be careful about that,” she continued. “We have a lot of people in glass houses.”

Watch the clip below and delete your account, via Fox News:

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