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Fox’s Greg Gutfeld Compares Ferguson to The Purge

In one of his classic monologues Tuesday, The Five’s Greg Gutfeld offered up his personal take on the protests in Ferguson, Missouri, at one point comparing the situation to The Purge, a horror movie series in which all laws are suspended for one night.

As he watched the protests unfold Monday night, Gutfeld said, “I realized that this wasn’t really about injustice, it was a conduit for destruction. A time to break things that aren’t yours and take things that aren’t yours.”

“Racial conflict became an excuse for the purge,” he continued. “A free-for-all of looting, vandalism and fun. You’ve got to love creeps that scream for justice after torching a car.”

Gutfeld then moved to critiquing the other “outsiders” on the scene in Ferguson: the press. “It’s an ugly game we perpetuate,” he said. “We go and they perform.”

“And when all that’s left are cinders, we can return to our cities, and our stores and our cafes,” Gutfeld said. “We’ll be fine, but Ferguson is done, it’s dead. You can’t blame the cops for that.”

Watch video below, via Fox News:

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