Fox’s Greg Gutfeld: Trump Will Accept Death of the Kurds Before He Accepts the Death of U.S. Troops


Fox News host Greg Gutfeld, defending President Donald Trump on Syria, said the president “will accept the death of the Kurds before he accepts the death of American troops.”

The Five tackled the current crisis embroiling the Middle East after Trump abruptly decided to move a small group of troops out of northern Syria to allow for a Turkish invasion of the region. The shocking abandonment of the U.S.-allied Kurds has thrown Syria into a crisis, displaced hundreds of thousands, and ceded the war-torn country to U.S. enemies, including the Iran and Russia-backed Assad regime.

It also earned Trump a rebuke from lawmakers. House Republicans joined Democrats on Wednesday to overwhelmingly pass a resolution condemning the withdrawal of troops from northern Syria.

The Fox News host first dismissed the hysteria over the president’s Syria decision, stating “this is who Trump is.”

After Gutfeld compared Trump (favorably) to a moronic “cab driver”, Juan Williams contended that he personally wants a “leader” as president.

“His simple logic — and I don’t mean simple as stupid, I mean that it’s plain as day — is our men aren’t going to get killed,” Gutfeld said. “You can get mad at him and disagree with him, but he will accept the death of the Kurds before he accepts the death of American troops.”

Fox News anchor Dana Perino compared House Republicans rebuking Trump to Democrats criticizing former President Barack Obama over his Syria policy.

“When President Obama decided not to enforce the red line, and I don’t know what the number was, but I bet it was at least 130 Democrats who said, ‘President Obama, that is a terrible idea,'” Perino said. “So it’s not like this is unprecedented.”

It’s not clear what Perino is talking about. Obama lobbied Congress for approval to launch strikes on Syria in 2013 after the Assad regime used chemical weapons, crossing his “red line.” Aside from a minority of hawkish lawmakers, most Democrats and Republicans in the House opposed authorizing action. Mitch McConnell also voiced opposition to a military strike, as did then-businessman Trump and the majority of Americans.

Obama ultimately decided to pursue diplomacy after Syria — under pressure from Russia — admitted it had chemical weapons and agreed to dismantle its stockpile.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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