Fox’s Gregg Jarrett Accuses Obama: He ‘Doesn’t Even Understand His Own Health Care Law’

Fox News host Gregg Jarrett became exasperated with analyst Alan Colmes over the details of Obamacare implementation, accusing Colmes and President Barack Obama of either not understanding or intentionally misrepresenting the number of people covered under Obamacare.

“Maybe the president doesn’t even understand his own health care law,” Jarrett said, playing Obama’s remark, made during his Friday press conference, that the GOP’s “holy grail” is to prevent 30 million people from receiving health care. “It’s 48 million! You would think the president would understand a basic, fundamental, and important fact about his own signature law.”

“That was a little bit out of context,” Colmes said. “He was referring to the 30 million who will get health care under the Affordable Care Act. The other thing the media—”

“No, Alan, the CBO did a study and said that even after its fully implementation there will still be 30 million that are uninsured,” Jarrett said.

“That’s in dispute,” Colmes replied. “The 30 million of the president mentioned in that clip is about 30 million who will be covered under the Affordable Care Act—”

“It’s impossible!” Jarrett said. “Do the math! 48 million uninsured. You are still going to have 30 million uninsured.”

The two continued to dispute the meaning of the number up until the end of the segment.

Watch the whole clip here, via Fox News:

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Image via Fox News

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