Fox’s Gutfeld And Erickson Slam Conservative Outrage Over Obama Vacations

Greg Gutfeld, guest-hosting for Bill O’Reilly, found it a waste of time for conservatives to complain about President Obama golfing and going on vacation, as it distracts from issues and real scandals conservatives should actually be outraged about. Erick Erickson suggested Obama’s leisure activities plays into the overall idea of a Washington that’s “out of touch,” but agreed with Gutfeld that conservatives being “shrill” about these things is what tunes out the rest of the country from more legitimate issues.

Gutfeld allowed it’s okay to talk about these things once in a while, but when news outlets like Fox keep relying on the same footage of Obama golfing to bash him, it keeps them from talking about serious, albeit “more boring” stories. Erickson added it even makes conservatives out to be “angry and bitter.”

Gutfeld surmised Obama must love the distractions, while Erickson pointed out that the media uses this as an excuse to ignore Obama bashing in general. Gutfeld closed by reminding viewers that despite constant attacks from the left, George W. Bush won re-election, and Obama did the same in 2012, so conservatives need to pick and choose their battles.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:


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