Fox’s Gutfeld Goes Off on Palin: She’s ‘Abandoning’ Her Faith to Throw In with Trump

gutfeldFox News’ Greg Gutfeld really tore into Sarah Palin for her endorsement of Donald Trump today because to him, it reeks of opportunism.

He snarked that “Palin’s endorsement is massive, because it will definitely get Palin’s vote.”

As the hosts of The Five talked about Palin going for Trump over Cruz, Gutfeld said the fact that a strong religious conservative has abandoned another in favor of Trump shows “the opportunism of a lot of top conservatives who, when they saw the bandwagon, they jumped.”

Later on in the segment, Gutfeld made it clear that he has absolutely zero sympathy for Cruz because of how silent he stayed for the longest time on Trump’s nasty attacks.

But still, he found the support of Trump from Palin and others like her troubling because it’s all these religious people “suddenly abandoning their religion for him.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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