Fox’s Hasselbeck Goes off on Writer for American Sniper Tweets: ‘How Dare He’


Hooray for slow news days. Elisabeth Hasselbeck and the Fox & Friends troika went off on writer Max Blumenthal Tuesday morning for a series of tweets from Christmas Day in which Blumenthal criticized the new film American Sniper for placing sympathy with Kyle rather than those he shot:

“Equating one of our greatest heroes to a mass murderer who went on a shooting, killing spree in D.C. and killed ten innocent people — how dare he?” Hasselbeck said. “And on Christmas Day, when you think about Chris Kyle’s family, his wife, his young children, having to face this assault even on our military.”

“It’s abhorrent what he said,” added musical guest Scott Brown. “I would hold him accountable. …You can’t tolerate this type of blatant distortion of the facts. We are not occupiers.”

Blumenthal rolled his eyes:

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

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