Fox’s Howard Kurtz: New York Times Backlash a ‘Huge Political Gift to Tom Cotton’


Fox News media analyst Howard Kurtz called the backlash and subsequent fallout over Sen. Tom Cotton’s (R-AR) opinion piece in the New York Times a “huge political gift” to the senator.

On the backlash over Cotton’s controversial “Send in the Troops” op-ed on how to quell nationwide riots, which led to the resignation of the Times‘ editorial page editor James Bennet, Kurtz said, “This is the same mentality that has led many in the media to justify overwhelmingly negative coverage of President Trump, and now given this horrible situation, again the notions of fairness — and this is an opinion piece — are just being tossed out.”

“Look, Sulzberger was quoted in the Times today saying, ‘We don’t pretend to be objective about things like human rights and racism.’ No journalist wants to support racism or police brutality or sugar coat the sheer horror of the way that George Floyd was killed, but there’s a debate about what is racism,” Kurtz explained. “Is it racist to say that I’m against defunding the police? Is it racist to say that riots are never justified? This is at the heart of a very heated and important public debate, and that debate was set back by the retreat of one of the nation’s top newspapers from allowing a dissenting voice to be heard.”

Kurtz went on to declare, “This is a huge political gift to Tom Cotton.”

“The op-ed has gotten about, I’d say 500,000 times more attention than it would have if the Times had just put it online and let it stand, and of course now he gets to run against the media in Trumpian fashion and that will resonate with a lot of conservatives who have lost trust in the media to tell both sides,” he explained.

“Whether using the military in this situation is a good idea or not, it actually polls pretty well, so it’s not like some fringe person making a fringe argument that was unacceptable,” Kurtz concluded. “And I think if you don’t like what Cotton said, run more pieces in the New York Times on the other side.”

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