Fox’s Howard Kurtz Praises Mika Brzezinski’s ‘Full-Throated Apology’, Defends Heisman Winner Kyler Murray


Last week MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski made quite a stir when she used an offensive slur to insult Secretary of State Mike Pompeo on Morning Joe. Eventually, Brzezinski apologized for the comment, which was criticized as “homophobic” not just by fellow liberals on Twitter but from a lot of the right, as well, even FNC’s Sean Hannity.

Much like his colleague Hannity, Fox’s Howard Kurtz made no appeal to reprimand when discussing the remarks on his MediaBuzz on Sunday, instead saying that he believed Brzezinski was sincere in her regrets. Although he did note that she didn’t mention Pompeo in her on-air apology. (The same was true of her initial tweeted regrets.)

“Mika Brzezinski really stepped in it,” said Kurtz. “She was talking about a Fox & Friends interview with Mike Pompeo, which she and her huband Joe praised by the way, when she went off on the Secretary of State about the [Jamal] Khashoggi killing.”

“A warning, there’s some rough language here,” he said before playing the clip of Brzezinski’s remarks.

After the clip, Kurtz said, “well, that was pretty awful. It’s an anti-gay slur.”

He noted that she apologized on Twitter, and that the President then bashed her on Twitter, before showing the clip of Brzezinski’s on-air apology.

“It was a big mistake, and yes it would have been better if she’d included Pompeo in her remarks,” said Kurtz. “But that full-throated apology by Mika Brzezinski was the right thing to do, and I believe she didn’t consider the implications of that rather gross phrase.”

Kurtz segued to the story of Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray, who shortly after receiving the Heisman Trophy was dragged online over comments he made when he was a child. “I’m throwing the penalty flag on this one,” said Kurtz.

“He was a teenager. This was way out of bounds. A mean-spirited case of gotcha journalism. This is exactly why people hate the media, said Kurtz. “Big celebration, biggest day of his life. And that becomes a story, it gets picked up everywhere. It really made me ill.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of FOX News Channel.

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