Fox’s Ingraham: Bernie Sanders May End Up a ‘Juggernaut’ Like Trump Was in 2016


Fox News’ Laura Ingraham compared the 2020 Democratic primary to the 2016 Republican primary as she said Joe Biden staying in the race only helps Bernie Sanders.

She suggested that Democratic leaders, including Barack Obama, should call Biden and tell him it’s time to throw in the towel and staying in through South Caroline would just “hurt… the moderate vote.”

As for the 2016 comparison:

Remember, Jeb Bush got stomped in Iowa and New Hampshire. He was the classic establishment candidate. He had all the money, about $150 million. Then he went down to South Carolina. He even brought his brother George W, former two—term president. And he still couldn’t win. And just like Biden is now, Jeb was the establishment. He had tons of money but once he started getting into trouble, what happened? He began attacking not Donald Trump so much, but Marco Rubio, the only other threat among the then establishment candidates. So for you moderates, it will either be Bloomberg, Mayor Pete, or Klobuchar. You need to pick one at this point, it’s not going to be Biden. If you want to beat Sanders… you have to form a coalition now.”

“Kasich, Rubio, and Jeb — they all stuck around way too long and ended up helping Donald Trump,” she added.

Going back to Sanders, Ingraham said, “The Trump juggernaut passed South Carolina kept rolling along and then it was too late. The same will happen wit Bernie. He’ll become the juggernaut. The new anti-establishment juggernaut of the Democrat party.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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