Fox’s Jesse Watters Confronted San Fran Board of Supervisors over Kate Steinle’s Death

wattersBill O’Reilly‘s roving reporter Jesse Watters dropped his usual shtick to get serious and confront San Francisco’s board of supervisors over Kate Steinle‘s death.

Since Monday, O’Reilly has made it clear he’s very outraged about Steinle being shot dead by an illegal immigrant who had already been deported. He said the Obama administration is “complicit” and her death is “collateral damage” of San Francisco’s “insane left-wing politics.”

Tonight he kept the focus on San Francisco, showing video of Watters there yesterday confronting the city board of supervisors over their “dangerous sanctuary city policies.”

He held up a picture of Steinle, said the city let her killer out, and called them out for their silence and for not looking at the photo.

Later on in the segment, Watters attempted to confront other city officials in their offices about her death, but did not exactly get direct responses.

Watch Watters in San Francisco here, via Fox News:

[image via screengrab]

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