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Fox’s Jessica Tarlov Gets Screamed at By Chaffetz in Clash Over Border Security: ‘Can I Finish My Sentence?!’

The set of Fox News Outnumbered was remarkably chilly Monday afternoon when a discussion over border security policies turned petty. Former Rep. Jason Chaffetz showed his most petulant side as he continually interrupted token progressive Jessica Tarlov, who struggled to get her point across during Chaffetz piqued fillibuster.

At issue was the President Donald Trump’s ostensible threat to ship illegal/non-documented immigrants amassed at the Southern U.S. border to cities that are less strict about undocumented individuals, aka “Sanctuary Cities.”

Chaffetz offered “When the Democrats endorse sanctuary cities, they won’t fund the wall. they are sending a signal to people Central and South America come up here because if you can somehow break into the country, we are not going deport you. That is a perverted, wrong, fundamentally wrong thing to do.”

Tarlov shot back, saying that she thought Chaffetz fundamentally “misunderstands what sanctuary cities are about. They are creating an environment 11-13000000 people who have been here a long time…”

Chaffetz rudely did not allow Tarlov to finish, interrupting with “No, it is enticing for the people to come here and break laws. In engaging in human trafficking,” after which Tarlov tried again to make her broader point.

For her part, host Harris Faulkner (long known for loving to interrupt her progressive guests whenever they make a salient point) seemed to enjoy the tete-a-tete and let it play out in all its full awkward splendor.

Watch above via Fox News.

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