Fox’s John Roberts: My White House Sources ‘Don’t Know What Dershowitz is Talking About’ on Mueller Probe


On Outnumbered Overtime on Monday, host Harris Faulkner spoke with Fox News chief White House correspondent John Roberts about former Trump campaign aide George Papadopoulos reporting to prison, and the Russia probe in general.

During his report, Roberts brought up an appearance by Alan Dershowitz on ABC’s This Week on Sunday, in which the Harvard Law professor emeritus said that he thinks the special counsel’s report will be “devastating to the president.”

“The president again going off on the Mueller investigation, this time over what he expects will be a forthcoming report on the Russia investigation,” said Roberts before reading the president’s tweets from this morning.

“Now yesterday, on one of the Sunday morning programs, Harvard Law professor Alan Dershowitz — who has sided with the president a lot in terms of legal opinions on Mueller — said he believes the Mueller report, if and when it is produced by the special counsel’s office, would be politically devastating for the president, though he doesn’t expect that it would include any criminal charges,” he continued.

However, Roberts found no back-up for Dershowitz’s claim, he said.

“But other sources suggest that they don’t know what Dershowitz is talking about,” he said. “Because it’s not like the Mueller investigation is going to be made public, he’s not going to release this from on high.”

“The only person he can give the report to is the interim Attorney General, or the final Attorney General, the new Attorney General if one is confirmed before the report is out. The attorney general can then make a determination on what to do with it,” he explained. “But Mueller himself would not be releasing it.”

“Though I should hasten to add here, Harris, that things have been known to leak from time to time in Washington,” Roberts added as caveat, “and that may be one of them.”

“You’re so much more polite about it than I am,” said Faulkner to close out the segment. “I say it leaks like a sieve.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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