Fox’s John Roberts Reports Live From Inside DEA’s “War Room”

In an exclusive report, Fox News senior national correspondent John Roberts got to make a little broadcast history, becoming the first journalist to report live from inside the DEA’s command center in suburban Virginia, the “war room” where the DEA and other federal agencies coordinate drug raids all across the country, in Mexico and throughout Central and South America. The unparalleled access for Fox News comes as the DEA fights back against cartels suspected of killing a federal agent and severely injuring his partner. “The message being sent here today,” Roberts said, “is you hit us, we’re going to hit you back–hard.”

The war room tracks every dollar and every ounce of drugs seized, but DEA asst. special agent Carl Pike told Roberts the ultimate message coming from the war room is that attacks on federal agents will not be tolerated in this country or anywhere in the world. As Roberts points out, the operations being run from the special operations center are not just in border towns and places like Mexico, but rather “deep into the continental United States.”

Watch the exclusive here, from Fox News:

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