Fox’s Johnson: Is Obama ‘Wrapping Himself in the American Flag’ for ISIS Speech?

Ahead of Barack Obama‘s Wednesday speech on his plan to confront ISIS, Fox News’s Peter Johnson questioned whether viewers will be introduced to “a new president” who is “unabashedly now wrapping himself in the American flag.”

At 9 p.m. ET (though, if history is any indication, more like 9:33 p.m. ET) Obama is scheduled to address the nation on ISIS, the Islamic terrorist network, and its threat to the U.S., as well as his plan to “degrade and destroy” it.

“We may witness the rebirth of a new President Obama tonight,” Johnson said on Fox & Friends. “Maybe the adopted brother of George Bush, born of the ashes of Ground Zero.”

Johnson said Obama’s selection of the eve of the anniversary of Sep. 11 for his speech may indicate that he is “unabashedly now wrapping himself in the American flag.”

“The same flag that he eschewed,” Johnson said, referring to the period of time Obama, before becoming president, declined to wear an American flag pin as a political statement.

“Perhaps this is a new President Obama inspired by one too many nightmares of a city in flames,” Johnson said, “triggered by one too many intelligence briefings that he’s probably getting about the threat of ISIS in Iraq, Syria and maybe here in New York…”

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