Fox’s Juan Williams And Conservative Take On GOP ‘At Odds’ With Public On Gay Marriage: ‘The Game Is Over’

With last week’s landmark Supreme Court rulings on gay marriage, there is a lot of momentum now for legalization in all fifty states. On Fox News Sunday today, conservative columnist Jennifer Rubin said that the Republican party’s steadfast opposition puts them at odds with most of the American people, while Juan Williams declared that “the game is over” and this has been settled.

Guest host John Roberts noted that only a few states have already legalized gay marriage, and wondered what the legal footing would be for gay couples to challenge civil union laws in other states. Rubin said the biggest problem for conservative Republicans isn’t the courts, but “the American people.”

Rubin argued, “You ultimately cannot be at odds with the American people on issues of fairness and issues of inclusion.” Williams agreed, saying “the game is over.” He remarked that these state by state rights will help energize the conservative base, but declared that they’re probably just give off more “heat than actual substance.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox:


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