Fox’s Juan Williams Clashes With Co-Hosts on Impeachment by Invoking Fox News Poll Trump ‘Freaked Out’ Over

As the hosts of Fox News’ The Five teed off on impeachment this afternoon, Juan Williams touted the new poll from Fox News that President Donald Trump was angry about this weekend.

During the segment, Jesse Watters said that impeachment is “underwater,” citing the current RCP poll average that — as of now — has support of impeachment-and-removal at 46.7 percent to 47.3 percent against.

At one point, Dana Perino said it doesn’t look like that many minds are changing on impeachment and asked whether Democrats regret going down this road.

Williams, after bringing up Rudy Giuliani’s recent Ukraine travel, noted the new Fox News poll finding that 50 percent favor impeachment and removal, 4 percent favor impeachment but not removal, and 41 percent remain opposed to impeachment (though it’s almost exactly the same result of a late October Fox poll finding 49-4-41):

“We have a new Fox News poll that said half the nation — half the nation — still favors not only impeaching, but removing! So what you have is, I think, you know, as Dana pointed out, there’s not much mind-changing. You go up or down about four, three points in either direction. Half the country wants him impeached and half the country doesn’t. I don’t think a whole lot has changed on that front. But I do think this, that we can agree… the Fox poll is a good poll, the president doesn’t like it, but it’s a very good poll.”

Williams said if anyone’s “freaking out,” it’s Trump, and he brought up POTUS’ tweets “making fun of Nancy Pelosi’s teeth, picking on a 16-year-old girl.”

“This is my point!” Greg Gutfeld said. “‘It’s horrific, the tweets are horrific!’ No, they’re not! If you can ratchet back your hysteria, people might actually trust you when you’re critical of Trump.”

“He’s the one who’s acting in a hysterical manner,” Williams responded.

“No! Those tweets are hilarious!” Gutfeld said.

With respect to the polling, Gutfeld argued, “People who support Trump are gonna lie. Why is it? Because we’re in a climate where it’s unpopular to voice your opinion.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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