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Fox’s Juan Williams, Jesse Watters Get Heated Over IG Report: You Should Apologize!

Fox News’ Juan Williams and Jesse Watters got into a bit of.a shouting match today over the IG report released yesterday.

DOJ inspector general Michael Horowitz concluded that there were serious, significant errors made by the FBI in the Carter Page FISA application process, but concluded there was no evidence of political bias and that there was enough standing to open the investigation. Attorney General Bill Barr has made it beyond clear he does not agree with some of Horowitz’s conclusions.

Watters declared that the FBI “investigated the Trump campaign and not the Russians” before saying, “This was not an unbiased investigation. I don’t care what they say. They had no evidence of bias? That’s cause they didn’t admit it. Of course they’re not dumb enough to admit it!”

Williams said it won’t matter what’s in the report because “the right wing will continue with conspiracy theories that can’t be proven.”

“You guys said the FISA thing was clean and you were wrong. You guys said the dossier had nothing to do with the FISA court and you were wrong. You were wrong the whole time!” Watters cried.

“You know what do you should say? I apologize,” Williams shot back.

“I apologize?!” Watters asked. “I think Hillary should apologize!”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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