Fox’s Keith Ablow Officially Confirms What We All Knew About Him Already

BREAKING: Fox’s Dr. Keith Ablow is a narcissist.

We’ve long suggested this diagnosis for the Fox psychiatric expert who clearly loves to listen to himself spew quacky theories on how President Obama hates America because his grandma didn’t like black people; or how Obama likes the World Cup because it distracts the American public; or how the Florida theater shooting victim might be to blame for his own death because “data rage“; or how VP Joe Biden is either an alcoholic or has dementia; or how Newt Gingrich may not be entirely at fault for his own 2+ extramarital affairs; or how transsexualism is entirely fake; or how… you get the point.

Last year, I put Ablow in my metaphorical leather shrink chair:

[W]hile we’re all repeating our half-baked diagnoses of other people, I’ve got a diagnosis of my own: Methinks there’s a particular Fox pundit who received very little attention from mommy and daddy as a young boy, and so he seeks to impose that desperate-for-attention attitude upon the rest of America.

And while co-hosting Outnumbered on Tuesday, Ablow confirmed my underlying point.

He is a “narcissist,” the psychiatrist conceded; and perhaps dangerously so. “That is why I am still in therapy,” he added. “I am not a finished work of art.”

A work of art, indeed.

Watch below and prepare your fainting couch, via Fox News:

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