Fox’s Kennedy Shouts Down Co-Host in Heated Debate on Supporting Female Candidates: ‘That is Dog Crap!’

Fox Business host Kennedy and Leslie Marshall clashed on Thursday during an Outnumbered discussion about women who vote for female candidates as a political statement.

As the panel noted how identity politics factored into how some people decided whether to vote for Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton in 2008, Marshall said it was unfair to use that as a broad characterization of Democratic voters.

“I’m a woman and I voted for Hillary Clinton. I didn’t vote for her because she is a woman,” said Marshall. “For over 200 years, this country has been run by men and we want our turn. Women want our turn. We feel that we deserve that in as the majority of the population.”

As Katie Pavlich asked if that “turn” should be based on merit more than anything, Kennedy exclaimed: “It is so incredibly oppressive for people to say you have to vote a certain way with a group of people who sit in this basket because you belong with them!”

Marshall insisted that wasn’t the point she was trying to make, but Kennedy continued: “You cannot think for yourself. That is absolutely the subtext.”

“When people talk simply about race and gender and it’s offensive because you’re looking at people based on their race, based on their gender, saying you do not have the rational capacity to make your own decisions,” Kennedy said. “That is dog-crap!”

Marshall continued to push back against the panel’s arguments that Democrats are fixated by identity politics and entitlement.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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