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Fox’s Kurtz Blasts MSNBC’s Wallace for Trump Fact Check, But Acknowledges ‘Her Factual Point Was Correct’

Fox News host Howard Kurtz was visibly indignant on Sunday as he criticized MSNBC’s Nicolle Wallace for interrupting Donald Trump in the middle of the president’s latest press conference.

Kurtz used a portion of Mediabuzz to blast MSNBC for how they conducted their live-coverage on Trump’s remarks to the press in the middle of the Ukraine firestorm. Why was Kurtz so upset? Well, because Wallace cut off Trump multiple times to fact check his Biden family remarks and comment on his effort to “turn his own impeachment into a big deflection.”

“Nicolle Wallace did exactly what she and colleagues did during [Attorney General Bill] Barr’s Hill testimony,” Kurtz seethed, “broke in in the middle to accuse people of lying, in this case, while the president was still speaking.”

Kurtz actually acknowledged that “her factual point was correct,” but asked, “Couldn’t the former Bush White House aide have waited until at least the president had his say before unloading on him?” He continued by complaining about Wallace being an “opinion person” hosting a network’s daytime news coverage.

“I don’t care if Nicolle Wallace wants to attack Trump every single day,” Kurtz said. “But at this press conference, there wasn’t even the pretense of fairness by MSNBC.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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