Fox’s Kurtz: Fair-Minded Reporters Have ‘Largely Written Barack Obama Off’

The media’s begun turning on President Obama this week over the humanitarian crisis on the border, and Bill O’Reilly‘s noticed. He brought on Howard Kurtz and Lauren Ashburn to tackle this issue, and Kurtz said any fair-minded journalist has already “largely written Barack Obama off” by this point.

Kurtz said MSNBC’s just “not getting the thrill up the leg anymore,” and liberal pundit after liberal pundit is “disillusioned” with Obama. O’Reilly wasn’t quite so sure, arguing that MSNBC hosts either avoid Obama’s scandals entire or throw out “rank propaganda.”

Regarding Obama not going to the border, Ashburn said the media’s turning on him here because, frankly, “mainstream media reporters are actually human beings first and this crisis is too big for them to ignore.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

[image via screengrab]

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