Fox’s Kurtz: NBC’s Snyderman Is Ducking Responsibility for Violating Quarantine

Fox News’ Howard Kurtz joined Megyn Kelly tonight to rip NBC News chief medical correspondent Dr. Nancy Snyderman for not taking personal responsibility for violating her Ebola quarantine. One of the members of Snyderman’s team in Liberia was stricken with Ebola and the whole NBC team had to be brought back and placed in isolation. Snyderman violated quarantine to allegedly pick up some soup, and she had to apologize.

But what Kurtz noticed is that her apology was completely devoid of personal responsibility. The apology references mistakes by “the team,” not her in particular. And for NBC to accept this tells Kurtz they “gave her a pass.”

CDC Director Dr. Tom Frieden said earlier today that Snyderman didn’t put people at risk if she wasn’t sick, but Kelly argued the bigger issue here is that people look to Snyderman for medical advice and she is sending the message that Ebola just isn’t something you should worry that much about.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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