Fox’s Kurtz Rips ‘Self-Righteous Preening’ From Journos Complaining About Networks Airing Trump’s Speech


Fox News media commentator Howard Kurtz took journalists and networks to task for questioning whether or not to air President Donald Trump‘s Tuesday night speech on illegal immigration from the Oval Office.

Trump announced Monday he would be delivering a speech at 9 p.m. the next day, amidst a government shutdown over his demand for a border wall. Networks were initially hesitant to air his speech, but eventually all agreed to broadcast it.

It’s not hard to see why they’d be reluctant. The Washington Post fact checker found Trump lied an average of 15 times per day in 2018. FIFTEEN TIMES PER DAY! The administration’s lies on illegal immigration during the shutdown have been particularly egregious.

Kurtz thought otherwise: “All of this handwringing by the broadcast networks over whether to air the president’s speech just shows that Donald Trump really is held to a different standard.”

Kurtz also rejected those who expect Trump to lie before he’s even given the speech.

“It doesn’t help at all for Democrats to engage in pre-emptive charges of lying, but it does show you the polarization between the White House and Capitol Hill,” Kurtz said on Fox News. “What’s equally troubling to me is the self-righteous preening by some journalists and commentators who are saying, ‘Oh, the broadcast networks shouldn’t President Trump on at all, because he’ll just get up there and lie,’ or ‘He shouldn’t be on live, we should get to come on first and say all the things that he said that weren’t true, and then we can show the tape.'”

“It’s not that the president always tells the truth,” Kurtz conceded, noting Trump’s whopper about former presidents endorsing his border wall. The MediaBuzz host argued that Trump should be allowed to speak to the American people, and then reporters “have got a week” to fact-check him afterwards.

“To preemptively judge it, I think, is unfair,” Kurtz said.

Trump will be on all networks tonight at 9 p.m., so we can see soon enough if the president manages to pull off a speech without saying anything false.

Watch above, via Fox News.


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