Fox’s Kurtz: Why Didn’t Trump Stop Scarborough Conspiracy Tweets When Even Allies Were Telling Him to Stop?


Last week President Donald Trump continued promoting the Joe Scarborough consapiracy theory about the death of a former staffer, and Fox News’ Howard Kurtz wants to know why he’s still been pushing this.

Kurtz started the segment on Sunday’s MediaBuzz by noting how this went to far for plenty of conservative outlets.

“These are his allies,” Kurtz said.

Buck Sexton said this is a case of Trump “throw[ing] a punch that lands in the wrong place,” but also dinged Sarborough a bit, saying that it’s terrible for Lori Klausutis’ family to be put through this pain and suffering again, but “Scarborough was effectively saying the president was a traitor for the last few years.’

Leslie Marshall said she’s been on some conservative talk shows and “they said this was going too far.”

At one point, Kurtz noted how one of the few people defending Trump on this has bee Rush Limbaugh, who said Trump is just “throwing gasoline on a fire” and “having fun” watching “holier-than-thou” journalists react.

Kurtz briefly reviewed the facts of the case before asking, “Why didn’t the president stop when even conservatives were saying, ‘Please, move on, the country’s in a pandemic’?”

“One thing about this president is no one can tell him what to do,” Sexton said.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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