Fox’s MacCallum: No, Criticizing Geller Doesn’t Mean We Want to Restrict Her Speech

Fox’s Martha MacCallum has made it clear she’s not quite on board with Pamela Geller‘s tactics. She faced off against Geller earlier this week, and pushed back against Geller’s comparison between herself and Rosa Parks, while Geller complained that MacCallum is “looking to restrict my speech.” MacCallum revisited that argument this morning and, while making it clear Geller has the right to hold Muhammad cartoon contests, said pretty bluntly no one is trying to restrict Geller’s speech.

“My goodness,” MacCallum said, “if she’s been restricted in her speech––she’s been on every program possible, so she has had plenty of time to have her freedom of speech, has she not?”

Mary Katherine Ham defended Geller by calling her motives “immaterial” when it comes to the basic principle of protecting free expression. MacCallum brought up the same argument Bill O’Reilly did about not offending Muslim nations, while Juan Williams continued to call Geller a self-promoter.

At one point, MacCallum expressed even more frustration with all the shouting about Geller’s free speech being restricted, sticking to the question of whether such tactics are smart in the long run.

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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