Fox’s Maria Bartiromo Tells The Five the Story of Joey Ramone’s Punk Rock Tribute to Her


Maria Bartiromo held a fascinating conversation on The Five as she told her colleagues about her friendship with Joey Ramone, and the song he wrote in her honor.

Bartiromo beamed into the show before hosting Fox News Primetime on Tuesday night, and since she was introduced with the song Ramone named after her, Greg Gutfeld quickly focused on her ties to the punk rock frontman.

“That’s bigger than a Nobel Prize!” He exclaimed. “When you first heard that song, what did you think?”

Bartiromo laughed as she told the panel that she uses the song as a comeback when her husband makes fun of her taste in music.

“Now I say ‘No, no, no. I’m really cool. Joey Ramone wrote a song about me!” Bartiromo said. She recalled that Ramone was “an incredibly avid investor” when the Internet started to take off, and that he bombarded her with emails asking for her business thoughts when she used to work for CNBC.

“I honestly did not know it was the Joey Ramone,” she said. She then talked about how she came to realize who he was, and how she had to miss him performing her song one time at the legendary, now-shuttered rock club CBGB because she had to be ready for Squawk Box the next day.

“I so regret that,” Bartiromo said. “I just want to say to all our viewers, when you have an opportunity that that is so crazy, something you never imagined, you just pull the all-nighter! You go to CBGB, you stay up all night and then you go on air the next morning and you go to work the next day! I will regret that my whole life.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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