Fox’s Martha MacCallum Barely Contains Laughter Over Wheelchair Woman’s Escalator Tumble

What’s funny about a wheelchair-bound woman tumbling down an escalator in the Boston subway system? Nothing, you say? Well, Fox News’ Martha MacCallum sure found something funny.

While airing footage Wednesday morning of the handicapped woman attempt to drive her motorized chair onto the escalator (okay, maybe that is funny), MacCallum said: “I’m not sure how she thought she was going to successfully get up there.”

“Over the poor lady went,” she continued as the woman and her chair tumbled backwards. When the video showed a man trying to help the woman, only to get caught up in the tumble himself, MacCallum began laughing before attempting restraint.

As the video later showed the woman walking down the escalator unassisted, MacCallum said “That was really a tu–,” before breaking down again. “I’m sorry, I don’t mean to laugh. It’s not funny. I hope she’s okay. She’s okay, right, you guys?”

“She was not seriously hurt, she walked down the stairs at the end of that,” she continued before laughing again. “And it’s one of those — you have to wonder how she thought it was going to work out,” she said while barely containing her laughter.

“Next time, the elevator,” co-host Bill Hemmer quipped.

Check out the clip below, via Fox News:

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