Fox’s Megyn Kelly Hosts Doritos&#0153 Versus Catholic Church Debate

Beloved munchie product Doritos has declared war on the Catholic Church– or so some devotees are interpreting their latest commercial, which depicts priests substituting the crispy corn snack for the Eucharist, and giving a sort of Doritos Communion. The ad, produced for the Super Bowl, didn’t quite make the cut,  but that doesn’t mean it’s not riling up the faithful.

The ad was one of ten fan-created commercials chosen by Frito Lay as a finalist in their Super Bowl ad competition. The idea for the ad, as Megyn Kelly explained to her audience on America Live today, was that the Church’s numbers were dwindling, and in a final attempt to persuade the masses to come to church, the priests replaced the tasteless traditional bread of Communion with Doritos. Lo and behold, the peregrines came flocking like never before.

To some Catholics, the insult is twofold, explained radio host Lars Larson. On one hand, the fact that Frito Lay would replace the key element of transubstantiation with greasy corn chips is an insult in and of itself, not to mention that it makes God’s “house a house of merchandise.” On the other, the fact that no other religion would be attacked similarly– especially Islam– was of particular insult to Larson.

In the other corner, admitted Catholic radio host Leslie Marshall had no problem with the ad, countering the “house of merchandise” claim by pointing out that many churches allow bingo games within their walls and added, “although I’m not a spokesperson, I believe God has a sense of humor.” To Larson’s claim that Christians are attacked because they are the majority group in America, Marshall countered that Catholics specifically were a minority, and that many Protestants “don’t believe in the little wafer.”

On Kelly’s part, she tried to mediate the situation by pointing out that, in the commercial, the Doritos (and the Pepsi replacing the wine) were not objects of Catholic mockery because “the pastor did not consecrate the Doritos and the Pepsi,” to which Larson replied, “that’s a nuance only a lawyer could appreciate” and retained his offense at the ad.

The full debate via Fox News below:

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