Fox’s Megyn Kelly Reduced To Giggle Fit Over Stripper Story

During Friday’s edition of Fox News’ America Live, host Megyn Kelly broke down into a giggle fit after reporting about the Houston Chronicle writer who was fired after it was revealed that she worked part-time as an “exotic dancer.”

While attempting to segue from the stripper story to the Washington Post article about Mitt Romney’s alleged bullying of a high-school classmate, Kelly lost it when she accidentally said “one of the hottiest media controversies.” She corrected her mistake (she should’ve said “hottest”), and then referred back to the stripper story while mocking her own mistake: “Sorry, one of the hottest media controversies, and we don’t mean the angry stripper.”

As the giggles continued, she said “It’s a big story, that’s what I’m trying to say,” referring to the Post story to which she is supposed to transition.

But the stripper-story-induced giggles didn’t end there, as Kelly mistakenly described the front-page Post story as appearing “above the pole,” instead of “above the fold.”

“Not above the pole! Above the fold!” Kelly laughed. “It’s Friday. I showed it to you earlier. The peeper.” And then more laughs until she finally got it together for commercial break.

Check out the giggle fit below, via Fox News:

(H/T Johnny Dollar)

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