comScore Judge Napolitano Says Kavanaugh Dug Himself Out of a Hole

Fox’s Napolitano: Hearings a ‘Wash’ on Credibility, But Kavanaugh ‘Dug Himself Out of the Hole’


Judge Andrew Napolitano has said many times on Fox News Channel and Fox Business Network in the last week that the hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee would come down to who seemed more credible: Brett Kavanaugh or Christine Ford. He repeated it today as the hearings were ongoing, and at the end, he told Bret Baier, it was a “wash” on that point.

“I had characterized the position of the nomination as very perilous at three this afternoon, and as Judge Kavanaugh being at the bottom of the hole,” he said. “He has dug himself out of the hole, he came back swinging about as effectively as any human could.”

“If you are looking for an excuse or reason to vote for him, you have it,” said the Judge. “If you are looking for an excuse to vote against him, you have it, because Dr. Ford was also credible.”

“I don’t know how this affects the outcome, I think it’s pretty much a wash in terms of the credibility of each of the principles,” he added.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News.

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