Fox’s Neil Cavuto and Cornell West Debate Socialism, 2020 Democrats, Trump’s Record on Economy


Harvard University Professor Cornell West appeared on Fox Business Thursday for a debate with anchor Neil Cavuto on the 2020 presidential candidates and the Democratic party’s flirtation with socialism.

West kicked off the interview by explaining his support for Bernie Sanders, opposition to Joe Biden (“neoliberalism is dying”), as well as a defense of the democratic socialism embraced by liberal members of the House.

“Keep in mind now, when we talk about any kind of Democratic Socialism, we’re not talking about elimination of personal liberties, we’re not talking about the elimination of the private sector, we’re not talking about the elimination of markets. We’re talking about social justice being an ideal so that market prices don’t dictate justice.”

Cavuto pointed out that socialism has failed in countries such as Venezuela.

“There is a number of socialist experiments that have failed and there is number of capitalist experiments that have failed,” West replied. “There is number of capitalist experiments in the United States that has failed. Health care is a sick market. We’ve got some healthy markets, we keep them. That is a sick market. You need public intervention. The history of slavery. The history of Jim Crow. The history of patriarchy. The history of not allowing the personal dignity of gays and lesbians and trans. Those are failures for us as a capitalist society but we can intervene and we intervene democratically. We intervene constitutionally but we intervene with strong organization an mobilization.”

Cavuto and West went on to debate the low African-American unemployment rate under the Trump administration, with West telling the Fox anchor: “I give him credit for that.”

West hedged by noting income inequality has increased despite low unemployment.

Watch above, via Fox Business Network.

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