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Fox’s Neil Cavuto Conducts The Most Fiery Deficit Reduction Interview Ever

It seems it’s all deficit reduction and Donald Trump over in TV land today, which is why we’re extremely grateful to Fox News’ Neil Cavuto for injecting some much-needed passion into the discussion. And by “passion,” we of course mean “an excuse to break out the popcorn and jujubes and yell ‘Jerry! Jerry!’ at our TV screen.”

Cavuto brought on Texas’ Democratic Rep. Eddie Bernice Johnson to weigh in on the deficit talks and, suffice to say, these two probably won’t be grabbing frappuccinos together at any point soon.

Cavuto, while civil, kept talking over Johnson to ask questions and make counterpoints. Johnson was, understandably, increasingly frustrated by this, and gave him a bit of friendly feedback:

You know what? Your problem is, is that you just don’t listen; you just scream and you’re screaming the same thing these fools are screaming here.

“But, ma’am, you’re saying the same thing! I’m just asking you to say something different,” Cavuto replied.

The two continued talking over one another, with Cavuto often shutting his eyes and sighing in frustration, but the discussion remained on-point the entire segment. We’ve got to say: It’s nice to see two people remain civil and relatively polite while passionately (and loudly) sticking to their beliefs.

…Can you imagine Cavuto and Johnson as co-hosts? In the Arena: With Cavuto and Johnson. We like it.

Watch the segment, via Fox News:

h/t TVNewser

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