Fox’s Neil Cavuto Takes On Democratic Rep.: What About The 51% Who Pay No Taxes?

Neil Cavuto has been working overtime today covering the aftermath of the U.S. credit downgrade last night, interviewing experts and public officials for answers to how the country got here. He’s been particularly feisty against Democrats in Congress, however, pushing Rep. Dennis Kucinich on his opposition to corporate tax breaks and now showing visible irritation at Rep. Steve Cohen for arguing that raising taxes on the wealthy was far more efficient than going after the lower economic tiers.

Rep. Cohen came on the program and argued that a tax reform bill without revenue increases was near worthless, and railing against the “intransigence” of the Tea Party. Cavuto wasn’t buying any of that, however, telling him that when he “said shared sacrifice… none of you ever mention the 51% of Americans that don’t pay taxes at all.” Rep. Cohen argued that that’s “not the issue” and, anyway, “most of those people don’t have any money” to pay taxes with, and argument Cavuto described as a “red herring” since there were far more people not paying taxes than small corporations getting breaks. “Before you start demanding that some people pay more, maybe get everyone to put skin in the game?” he offered.

After a bit of crosstalk in which the Congressman questioned Cavuto’s numbers, Cavuto continued hammering in the point, that “you keep hitting up the same group and you leave more than half the people in this country out of it entirely.” Rep. Cohen argued that it made no sense to make people who had little money pay taxes. “You go where the money is,” he argued, asking facetiously if, instead of banks, they should go after pawn shops. “It’s not balanced when you leave a whole group out,” Cavuto concluded, exasperatedly. “It drives me nuts.”

The debate via Fox News below:

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