Fox’s Outnumbered Goes Off the Rails: ‘Give Me One’ Example of Gov’t Transparency, ‘Give Me One!’


On Fox’s Outnumbered on Tuesday the panel broke into a brawl on the issue, of all things, of transparency. The topic was the meeting about the possible government shutdown between Democratic leaders and the White House that took place Tuesday, and Fox anchor Harris Faulkner and contributor Marie Harf were not on the same page.

The Democrats wanted it to be a closed door meeting. The President wanted it on cameras. And that is where the dispute began for Outnumbered.

Faulkner said that House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) wanted the meeting to be private because “she didn’t want the people to see” what she has to say on the topic of the border. She quoted Pelosi saying the next congress will focus on transparency, and indicated that Pelosi was hypocritically not transparent about a meeting with Trump.

“Apparently it can’t be a meeting called by the President of the United States–transparent,” said Faulkner. “Because why? because she’s in it? Because she doesn’t want us to see them going back and forth?”

“No, Harris,” said Harf. “Because the real negotiating on substance does not happen with twenty TV cameras there.”

“Why?” asked several of the other hosts. Amid the crosstalk, Faulkner said “how do you know?”

“Because I’ve worked in government for twenty years,” said Harf to Faulkner.

“You haven’t been in that Oval Office meeting with them talking about the border wall,” Faulkner said. “You’re asking Jason Chaffetz to have some facts, I’m asking you to have some.”

Faulkner was referring to an earlier exchange on the show, which we have covered here.

“You haven’t actually sat in that seat,” Faulkner said challenging Harf.

“Well, I have been in the Oval Office,” began Harf in reply.

“Not president, not leadership of either party,” Faulkner interrupted.

“Well of course not, Harris,” Harf began again.

“That’s the point,” Harris interjected again.

“–but I’ve participated in negotiations,” Harf continued. “In the government, yes, some of it you do publicly. She wanted to get down to brass tacks, what is the President willing to give.”

“How do you know that,” asked host Melissa Francis.

“Because that’s what a negotiation is about,” said Harf.

Francis argued that doing it in front of the camera is better because everyone can see what they are saying, as Harf said that doesn’t work for the actual negotiation of policy. As Francis and Faulkner continued to disagree, Harf took it up a notch.

“Give me an example of when that’s actually achieved something. Give me one,” said Harf. As Lisa Boothe attempted to step in, Harf continued. “No, give me one! Give me one.”

Then Francis said “I think we just saw it” while Harf insisted “nothing got done! ”

“Nothing was agreed to!”

And the same was exactly as true of the segment itself. Nothing agreed to.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of Fox News Channel.

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