Fox’s Outnumbered Rips ‘Sanctimonious’ Anti-Trump Celebrities: ‘Who Cares’ What They Think?

Fox’s Outnumbered devoted a segment of their Monday show to the Golden Globes, where they roundly criticized Meryl Streep and everybody else who blasted Donald Trump on stage last night at the awards show.

Streep’s blistering speech has already created a new round of political debate, and Meghan McCain noted how she’s already been caught in Twitter fights after condemning liberal celebrities and their “sanctimonious” lecturing. Kennedy opined that the legendary actress should’ve stuck to talking about her legacy and her Cecil B. DeMille Lifetime Achievement Award, not her political views.

“Who cares what these people think?” asked Lisa Boothe; while many Hollywood celebrities took Hillary Clinton‘s side during the election, Americans rejected their political perspectives when Clinton lost.

“It’s just so elitist…Who cares, what basis do they have to be telling us how we should vote, and what we should think and why should we be listening to them in the first place?”

Watch above, via Fox.

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