Fox’s Pat Caddell: ‘Establishment Republicans Want the IRS to Go After the Tea Party’

Plenty of people are still outraged over the IRS tea party targeting scandal that arose last year, so why aren’t the Republicans doing much about it now? Well, Fox News contributor Pat Caddell argued on Sunday that this is because the Republicans have no problem with the IRS targeting tea party groups that pose a threat to them anyway.

Former Republican congressman John LeBoutillier said it’s bewildering how Richard Nixon “went down the toilet” for talking about using the IRS as a political tool while Republicans have backed away from “high-level investigations” of IRS targeting under President Obama.

Caddell said that given how much people agree there should be an investigation and that the targeting is a clear sign of corruption, there’s only one reason the GOP wouldn’t dare touch it: “[T]he reason is the establishment Republicans want the IRS to go after the tea party… The tea parties are an outside threat to their power hold.”

He continued on to say the “lobbying, consulting class of the Republican Party” wants the IRS to do this and they just don’t care about the “lawless operation going on.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:

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