Fox’s Pirro Blasts ‘Political Operative’ James Comey Over Senate Testimony ‘Are You Schizo?’

Fox’s Jeanine Pirro sunk her teeth into James Comey on Saturday, using her Justice opening statement to blast the former FBI director over his testimony on Capitol Hill this week.

Pirro mockingly asked Comey if his feeling were hurt when he told the Senate Intelligence Committee that President Trump defamed and spread lies about him and the FBI. Pirro also suggested that Comey committed perjury and broke the Federal Records Act by having an associate release his notes to the press about how Trump asked him to stop the FBI’s investigation into Michael Flynn‘s Russian connections.

Pirro continued to drill Comey over his leaked memos, saying he signified that it’s okay to leak from the FBI, and that he was proliferating information for the sole purpose of attacking Trump. When analyzing the moment where Comey said it wasn’t his place to determine whether Trump committed obstruction of justice, Pirro slammed the FBI director over his mental state.

“Are you schizo? Are you the same guy who held a press conference to do what has never been done in the history of this country, and announced to the world that no reasonable prosecutor would indict Hillary?…Do you have delusions of grandeur? You spend a lot of time talking about your emotions.”

Pirro continued to rip on Comey for acting like a “political operative” and building up the debate about obstruction of justice with his machinations. Pirro also took aim at what Comey told the senate about how Loretta Lynch asked him to refer to the Hillary Clinton email investigation as a “matter.”

Watch above, via Fox.

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