Fox’s Powers and Tantaros Battle over Ferguson Blame: Cops Got Shot ‘Before Obama’

Things got testy on Outnumbered Thursday when co-hosts Kirsten Powers and Andrea Tantaros battled over whether President Barack Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder had played roles in the shooting of two police officers in Ferguson last night, as was suggested by the show’s “#OneLuckyGuy” Lou Dobbs.

“I don’t think this has anything to do with the president or Eric Holder,” Powers said. “This was a tragedy. Police officers tragically do get shot, and they got shot long before Barack Obama was ever in the White House.”

Powers added that the Ferguson Police Department was deserving of a scathing Department of Justice report that accused it of acting as a racist collection agency. “The things that this police department have done are problematic,” Powers said, “and to point them out is not to denigrate every single police officer.”

“The Department of Justice has been inflaming this for a long time,” Tantaros countered, arguing that the DOJ intentionally escalated its rhetoric out frustration with its inability to charge Officer Darren Wilson. “Eric Holder has proven time and again that he is an Attorney General of the criminal, by the criminal, and for the criminals…They have taken this country back 50 years in terms of race relations.”

Powers again asked how Tantaros could explain officers being shot before the Obama/Holder team came to power.

“You think it was a coincidence that two cops got shot last night?” Tantaros demanded. “You think that it was just a random occurrence? This was inflamed because of what the administration did.”

“You can’t prove that,” Powers said. “The police chief said this was somebody who came in who was probably not part of the community. To blame Barack Obama for these attempted murders is outrageous.”

Watch below, via Fox News:

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