Fox’s Powers, Watters Erupt over Holder: ‘Let Black Panthers off the Hook’

Fox’s Outnumbered feasted on the resignation announcement of Attorney General Eric Holder Thursday, listing Republican objections to Holder’s tenure, which range from Fast & Furious to trying 9/11 perpetrators in Manhattan. But it was — wait for it — the Black Panthers around which the argument coalesced, with cohost Kirsten Powers and #oneluckyguy Jesse Watters clashing over what, if anything, had even happened that Holder allegedly had or had not ignored.

“He let the Black Panthers off the hook when they were voter-intimidating people!” Waters claimed, possibly the first time that’s been used as a transitive verb.

“There’s not enough time to go through all the exaggerations you just did,” Powers said. “The Black Panthers case? There was no case there. There wasn’t a single voter that complained.”

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There commenced that special brand of unintelligible yelling for which cable news is justifiably renowned. “So if you’re okay with that, we’ll just have people hold up billy clubs all over the place,” Watters said.

Co-host Andrea Tantaros then reprised her theory that Holder ran the DOJ “much like the Black Panthers would, that’s a fact,” proving that the Black Panthers thing works coming and going.

Watch the clip below, via Fox News:

[Image via screengrab]

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