Fox’s Raymond Arroyo Mocks Biden’s ‘120 Million Dead’ Gaffe, Then Badly Whiffs by Claiming That Number Is More Than Entire US Population


Fox News culture reporter Raymond Arroyo mocked Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden for misspeaking and saying the country had suffered “120 million dead” from the coronavirus instead of 120,000, but then proceeded to make a big numerical gaffe himself, by inaccurately saying “We don’t have that many people in the United States.” In fact, the current US population is just under 330 million.

During the culture segment of The Ingraham Angle, Arroyo ran through a number of feature pieces with host Laura Ingraham mocking the left and then turned to a Biden campaign event held on Thursday in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. The show then ran a brief clip of Biden, wearing a black face mask pulled down around his chin, as discussed the Covid-19 pandemic and said, “Now we have over 120 million dead.” The clip then abruptly ended as Biden squinted and seemingly began to correct himself by saying “I mean…”

Biden’s mistaken claim was off by a factor of one thousand — the latest fatality figure is roughly 124,000, per the Johns Hopkins coronavirus resource center — and he later corrected himself.

“Laura, we didn’t make that edit,” Arroyo clarified about the abrupt cut, before clearly mocking Biden, who has a long reputation for misspeaking. “The livestream ended there. You can see why, 120 million dead…we don’t have the many people in the United States!”

Ingraham, however, didn’t catch or correct Arroyo’s own obvious gaffe — which was off by roughly 90 million people more than Biden’s — and the show moved on.

Watch the video above, via Fox News.

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