Fox’s Roginsky: Hillary Avoids Media Scrutiny Because Trump Is Our Heroin Dealer

PicMonkey Collage - RoginskyJulie Roginsky took part in Outnumbered‘s discussion over Hillary Clinton‘s email scandal, where she made a pointed observation over why she’s under far less media pressure than Donald Trump.

Judge Napolitano and Harris Faulkner opened with a discussion about how the FBI’s investigation into whether or not Clinton had classified information on her private server. Andrea Tantaros suspected that Clinton is banking on the matter disappearing from public discussion, because new developments aren’t being picked up by the mainstream press.

Roginsky observed that since Trump’s controversies and political ideas receive such copious amounts of media coverage, the GOP frontrunner has inadvertently become Clinton’s biggest asset against negative publicity.

“He sucked all the energy out of the news cycle…he’s completely frozen the field, frozen the news cycle,” Roginsky said. “If you want to blame someone for why nobody’s covering this, blame the fact that the media is obsessed with Donald Trump. he’s like a heroin dealer, we are all buying.”

While Roginsky’s comments caused a slight raucous among the panel, Tantaros brought it back to say that Trump at least uses her email scandal as a reflection of criticisms of her foreign policy failures.

You can watch above, via Fox.

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